To sign up to be a Young PUENTES you
have to:

1 - You have to be a 12th grade student, a high school graduate or a 1st year college/ univesity student.

2 - You have to be between 17 and 23 year old

3 - Have Argentinian documentation or be getting it

4 - Explain why you are signing up to be a Young PUENTES and show us evidence on why you need an economical scholarship

5 - If you haven't started college yet, tell us the career/s that you're thinking of or have already chosen.

6 - If you're already a student tell us what year you started your college studies and the grades of all of the subjects you passed.

7 - Inform if you are a beneficiary of another scholarship or aid to pursue higher studies

If you meet these requirements, email us at
answering all of the 7 questions above, and we will contact you